Skeptic-Humanist Links

Here, alphabetically, are 260 on-line crusaders I've contacted. In addition, The Net Atheists and the World Wide Skeptical Web each lists more than 800 sites - many of them whimsical personal pages by university students.

In addition, the Unitarian Universalist Association home page ( lists about 500 other sites of UU congregations and groups.

- A -

Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic

Agnostic and Atheist Student Group
Texas A&M University

Alabama Freethought Association

All Atheist!

American Association for the Advancement of Atheism

American Atheists

American Atheists in Hawaii

American Ethical Union (or)

American Humanist Association
Amherst, NY

American Rationalist Assn.

Amherst Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists
& Godless Humanists

Argentina Skeptics

Arizona Secular Humanists

Arkansas Society of Freethinkers

Association of Irish Humanists

Association of Skeptical Enquiry (London)

Atheism Flag

Atheism Page

Atheism Web

Atheist Alliance

Atheist and Agnostic Student Organization
Michigan State University

Atheist Centre, India

Atheist Coalition

Atheist Coalition of Los Almitos

Atheist Community Center
Portland, Oregon

Atheist Community of Austin

Atheist Express

Atheists in Australia

Atheist-Freethought Alliance
University of Virginia

Atheist Resources

Atheist Students Assn.
University of Maryland, College Park

Atheists and Agnostics of Wisconsin

Atheists and Other Freethinkers

Atheists, Heathens & Agnostics at Western
Western Washington University

Atheists of Colorado

Atheists of Florida

Atheists of the San Francisco Region

Atheists Unite!

Atheists United

Atheists United of San Luis Obispo, CA

Atlanta Freethought Society

Aukland University Atheists
(New Zealand)

Australian Humanist

Australian Skeptics

- B -

Baltimore Ethical Society

Bay Area Skeptics

Bertrand Russell Society

Birmingham Freethought Society
University of Alabama

Brazilian Skeptics

British Columbia Humanist Association

British Humanist Association

British Unitarian Homepage

- C -

Camp Quest

Campus Atheists and Agnostics
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Campus Freethought Alliance

Campus Freethought Alliance at UCI
University of California, Irvine

Campus Freethought Society
Georgia Institute of Technology

Canadian Atheist magazine

Capital District Humanist Society

Center for Inquiry
Amherst, NY

Central Virginia Secular Humanists

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of
Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)

Connecticut Skeptical Society

Corvallis Secular Society

Council for Secular Humanism

Council of Australian Humanist Societies

Critical Thinker
Center for Rational Thought, Portland, Ore.

Cuban Evolutionary Humanist Movement
(Movimiento Humanista Evolucionario Cubano)

Cult of the Cosmic Chicken
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Cults: The A-Z Index (Britain)

- D -

DETOX - Religious Recovery Web Site

Discrimination of the Atheist

Duke University Humanists

Dutch Freethinkers

Dutch Humanist Institute
(Hivos magazine)

- E -

East Bay Skeptics Society

Ethical Culture Society of the Bay Area

Ethical Culture Society of Westchester

Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago

Ethical Humanist Society of Greater Chicago

Ethical Society of St. Louis

Ex-Christian Page

- F -

Finnish humanists
(Prometheus Lerit)

Finnish Skeptics

First Unitarian Church
DesMoines, Iowa

Free Inquiry magazine
Amherst, NY

Free Inquiry Group
Cincinnati, Ohio

Free Inquiry Network

Freedom From Religion Foundation

The Freethinker (London)


Freethinkers at the University of Washington

Freethinkers @ Virginia Tech

Freethinkers of Colorado Springs

Freethinkers of Waynesboro, PA

Freethought Crossroads

Freethought New Zealand

Freethought Observer

Freethought Page

Freethought Ring

Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia

Freethought Today

- G -

Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Assn., London

German atheists
(Friereligiose Landisgemeinde Pfalz)

German humanists

German Skeptics

Giordano Bruno society, Italy

- H -

HAMIT - Heathens & Heretics at MIT

Harvard Freethought Society

Harvard Secular Society

Humanist Association of Canada

Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area

Humanist Association of Hamilton-Burlington

Humanist Association of Minneapolis/St.Paul

Humanist Association of Ottawa

Humanist Association of Tulsa

Humanist Association of Salem, Oregon

Humanist Association of San Diego

Humanist Association of Saskatchewan

Humanist Association: St. Petersburg

Humanist Association of Toronto

Humanist Club
University of Guelph, Canada

Humanist Club of Long Beach

Humanist Community, Atherton, CA

Humanist Community, Palo Alto, CA

Humanist Community of Central Ohio

Humanist Fellowship of San Diego

Humanist Institute (New York)

Humanist Soapbox

Humanist Society of Gainesville

Humanist Society of Metropolitan New York

Humanist Society of New South Wales

Humanist Society of New Zealand

Humanist Society of Scotland

Humanist Society of Victoria (Australia)
Victorian Humanist magazine

Humanist Special Interest Group

Humanistic Atheist Students Association
University of Florida

Humanistic Judaism Homepage

Humanists Association of Middle Tennessee

Humanists of Austin

Humanists of Florida

Humanists of Gainesville

Humanists of Georgia
(and Georgia Skeptics)

Humanists of North Puget Sound

Humanists of Portland-Vancouver

Humanists of Prescott

Humanists of Tallahassee

Humanists of Utah

Humanists of Washington

Humanists United Globally (HUG)
Orange County, CA

- I -

Indian Skeptics magazine

IHEU - International Humanist and Ethical Union

ILNA - International League of Non-religious & Atheists

Inquiring Skeptics of Upper New York

Institute for First Amendment Studies

Internet Infidels

Invisible Pink Unicorn
(and Church of the Blind Chihuahua)

Israeli Atheists Society

Italian agnostic-rationalist society (UAAR)

- J -

James Randi Educational Foundation

- K -

Kalamazoo College Freethinkers

Karen's Non-Religious Page

- L -

Lichtpunt (Belgian humanist TV show)

- M -

McGill Atheist, Agnostic & Secular Humanist Society
McGill University, Canada

Metroplex Atheists

Minnesota Atheists

Mississippi Freethought Association

MIT Atheists, Agnostics and Humanists
Massaschusetts Institute of Technology

Modern Rationalist (India)

Montana Rationalists and Skeptics Network

- N -

National Capital Area Skeptics

National Center for Science Education

The Net Atheists

New Humanists on the Internet

New Jersey Humanist Network

New York Area Skeptics

New York Society for Ethical Culture

New Zealand Rationalist Association

New Zealand Skeptic

No Gods

Nonbeliever Antidiscrimination Project

Non-Believer's Page

North Carolina Society for Ethical Culture

North Texas Church of Freethought

North Texas Skeptics

Norwegian humanists
(Human-Etisk Forbund)

Norwegian Society of Heathens

- O -

Oberlin College Freethought Alliance

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Ontario Skeptics

- P -

Page for Freethinkers

Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry

People For the American Way

Periyar Internet (India)

Peruvian Humanists
(Revista Peruvana de Filosofia Aplicada)

PHACT - Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking

Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Humanists

Polish Humanist Federation
Bez Dogmatu magazine

Princeton Ethical Humanist Fellowship

Princeton Freethought Association

Progressive Humanism

Prometheus Books
Amherst, NY

- Q -

Quinn's Page of Atheism

- R -

Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land

Rationalist Society of St. Louis

Rationalists United for Secular Humanism (RUSH)
Marshall University, Huntington, WV

Robert Paul Reyes, skeptic columnist
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Rocky Mountain Skeptics

- S -

Sacramento Freethought Website

Sacramento Skeptics Society

San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry

San Diego Association of Secular Humanists

San Diego State University Secular Society

Secular Humanist Association of San Antonio

Secular Humanist Bulletin
Amherst, NY

Secular Humanists of Los Angeles rdmiller/

Secular Humanists of South Florida

Secular Humanists of the Low Country

Secular Web

Shreveport Humanists

Skeptic magazine

The Skeptic (Manchester, England)

Skeptical Inquirer magazine

Skeptic's Dictionary"

Skeptic's Refuge

Skeptics Society Web

Skeptic Tank

Snohomish County Atheist Discussion Group

Society Against Religion

Society for Activist Freethought

Sources of Skeptical Information on the Internet

South African Freethinkers

South Australian Humanist Post

Spanish humanists wasm/asibehu/

Stanford Humanists
Stanford University, California

Students for Freedom from Religion
University of Oregon

Swedish Secular Humanists

- T -

Tech Freethought Society
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
(formerly Campus Atheists and Agnostics)

Thomas Paine Coffee House

To Question is the Answer
James A. Haught agnostic page

The Truths Behind Religion

- U -

UBC Humanists Society
University of British Columbia, Canada

Ulster Humanist Assn. (Ireland)

Unitarian Universalist Society
Boston, MA

University of Minnesota Atheists & Humanists

University of Virginia Atheists

Upstate South Carolina humanists

U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Freethinkers

UU Netheads

- V -

Village Atheist

Voltaire Society

- W -

Washington Ethical Society

Washington Area Secular Humanists

Washington University League of Freethinkers

Western Washington University Atheists and Heathens

Why Christians Suck

Williams Doubting Club
Williams College, Massachusetts

World Union of Deists

World Wide Skeptical Web

- Z -

Zen Atheism