( Friendlypoets.com offered a $1,000 prize
for the best religious poem - so I submitted this. - October 2000)



By James A. Haught

Did you ever hear a rabbit scream?
Bunnies make a heart-rending shriek
when pierced by fangs of a fox
or talons of a hawk.

Did you ever see a child dying of leukemia
trying to understand
trying to be brave
but doomed?

Did you ever see families killed by a twister
or an earthquake
or a monsoon flood
or a volcano?

Did you ever watch a fawn in the jaws of a lion
or a piglet coiled by a python
or a seal ripped by a shark?

Did you ever see the eyes of a woman when she's told
she has breast cancer?

All these horrors are nature at work
And nature, you say, was designed by an all-loving

You want me to worship this designer?

Are you crazy?